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Thank you very much for your interest in Things Not Seen, and thank you especially for clicking on this page!

We are dedicated to bringing you the best quality show we can.  Even though we produce the show on a razor-thin budget, it still costs an average of $1,000 per month to get the show produced and out on the air and up on the web. 

You will always be able to listen to our shows for free, but if you can help us - either with a one-time gift or ongoing support - it will go a long way to keeping the show on the air and moving forward to ever-improving episodes.

Option 1: Sustaining subscription - $5.00 per month

You'll be charged $5.00 per month, until you tell us to stop.  Proceeds will go directly to the operating costs of putting on the show.

Option 2: One time cash splash - $25.00

You'll be charged once for $25.00.  As above, proceeds will go directly to the operating costs of the show.

Option 3: One time cash splash - Name your amount

With this option, you can support the show with any amount you choose.  All proceeds will go directly to the operating costs of the show. 

At this time, gifts are not tax deductable.  We're looking into that, and if we can put that together we will as soon as possible.  If this keeps you from giving, we understand.  If you give anyway, thank you, and you are extra awesome!

Whether you give or not, thank you again for listening!  We're glad you enjoy Things Not Seen!